Internet Connectivity

Business Broadband

A no-nonsense connection to the outside world. Shouldn’t be too much to ask for, should it?

We only sell business grade broadband, which, unlike consumer broadband, means the speed of your connection is not dependent on whether Mavis next door happens to be streaming the omnibus of her favourite soap.

Our business broadband is perfect if you require a connection for a small number of users to surf the internet, access email and download small files.

It runs at speeds of up to 24mb and is available from £15.00 per month

Who does it suit? 

  • Smaller Organisations with under 10 users

What can it do? 

  • Provide speeds of up to 24Mb 
  • Business grade reliability
  • 500GB monthly download limit
  • Surf internet
  • Access Email 
  • Download small files
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Superfast Fibre Broadband

Superfast uses fibre-optic cable for most of the journey between you and the telephone exchange. This means much better speeds, greater reliability and less downtime.

It bridges the gap between business broadband and leased lines and represents great value for money.

The availability of Superfast has increased a great deal recently, so if you’re struggling with a slow broadband connection, we’ll happily check if Superfast is available at your address.

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Our Superfast Broadband runs at speeds of up to 80mb and is available from £25.00 per month

Who does it suit? 

  • Small to medium sized organisations with under 40 users

What can it do? 

  • Surf, upload and download data rapidly
  • Download large files 
  • Can be used for voice and video calling
  • Make more use of cloud computing resources if required
  • Keep up with technology.
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Leased Lines 

The bandwidth banquet…

Ethernet leased lines provide you with your own fibre connection to the telephone exchange, which means you can be super-greedy and not share your bandwidth with anyone else.

Previously the privilege of large organisations, leased lines have hugely reduced in price and now make good sense for small organisations too, particularly if your business has the bandwidth munchies.

You choose the bandwidth you want, from 10mb to 1GB, and can add to it as your needs increase.

You can expect guaranteed levels of service and the most reliable form of internet connectivity available in the UK.

Our Ethernet Leased Lines are available from £150.00 per month, dependant on location.

Who does it suit? 

  • Medium to large sized organisations and heavy internet users. 

What can it do? 

  • Dedicated leased line shared with no one. 
  • The most reliable form of internet connection available
  • Guaranteed levels of service and fast fault resolution
  • High speed data throughput
  • No extra charges regardless of usage
  • Scalable as your business needs change

For a more technical summary on all of our internet products, read our internet Wiki

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