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September 19, 2017


What’s new for the handset in Apple’s latest version of their iOS software?

Automatic setup
If a customer is moving from their previous iPhone to their new iPhone, they can simply hold their new iPhone near an iOS device that they already own, and many of their personal settings, preferences and passwords are quickly and securely transferred across. Making the setup process even easier.

Lock screen
All notifications are now in one place, making the lock screen even more powerful. To get all your notifications, simply pull down from the top of the screen. At a glance, you’ll see all your recent and missed notifications in one place.

Control Centre
The Control Centre is now back in one screen, it has a new look with bubble style icons and is fully customisable.
To customise go to Settings > Control Centre, everything can be selected or a customer can add what they use the most into their Control Centre. Control Centre also has expanded 3D Touch – giving even more options within the Control Centre.

Siri in iOS11
Siri is smarter than ever using on-device learning and artificial intelligence, bringing in a new more natural voice. Also with the introduction of crossed device syncing across all of your iOS devices, making Siri even more helpful as it learns from you. One of the new changes: Translation – Now you can ask Siri in English how to say something in Chinese, Spanish, German, French or Italian, and Siri will translate this for you.

Do Not Disturb – whilst driving
Do Not Disturb has a new feature – your iPhone can now sense when you’re driving and stop you being distracted by calls, texts and notifications. It can be set up to notify anyone trying to contact you, that you’re driving.

Live photos & camera Loop
Turn a live photo into a fun video loop, you can choose an image yourself or Photos will make suggestions on which live photos will make good loops. Bounce – Make a live photo rock back and forth. Long Exposure – Capture the elements of time and movement, something that used to only be possible with a DSLR camera. You can now also select your favourite part of a live photo with a new slider function. The Camera has new professional quality filters and with next generation compression technology, you can take new photos with the same quality but with half the file space.

New App store
The App Store has had a complete redesign, making it easier to discover new apps and games. Games now has its own dedicated tab and there’s a Today tab with daily stories from the experts.

Apple Music
Discover new music with a little help from your friends. You can now make an Apple Music profile that you can share with your friends, this allows you to share music and playlists and see what your friends have been listening to.

Personal DJ
With the updates to Apple Music, Siri can now learn about your music tastes. If you ask Siri to play some music, you’ll hear something you’ll enjoy. It can now also answer music trivia questions.

As Siri learns what topics you’re interested in, you’ll start to see them appear in News. Meaning you’ll see stories that matter to you.

Siri can now suggest searches in Safari based on what you’ve just been reading. If you confirm a booking or appointment on a travel website, Siri will ask if you would like to add this to your calendar.

Quick type keyboard
As you type Siri can start to suggest things you’ve recently looked at or searched for. If you tell a friend you’re on your way, Siri can even give you an estimated arrival time.Juggling more than you can carry and trying to text at the same time – no problem with the new QuickType one-handed keyboard in iOS11. Touch and hold the emoji key on the keyboard and you can select one-handed typing and choose to shift the keys either to the left or the right, giving your thumb all the access that it needs.

File Apps
In iOS 11 the new Files app brings all your files together, making searching and organising all your files much easier. You can now access your files from all your iOS devices and other services such as Google Drive and Dropbox.

New storage recommendations
One really handy new feature in iOS11 is the new iPhone Storage section in Settings. You can easily see how your storage space is being used and there is also recommendations to help improve your storage space, such as deleting old conversations and removing unused apps, without losing saved data.

Location service option
A little, but quite significant change – with iOS11 Apple have introduced a ‘While using the App’ option for all apps in Location Services, giving users more control over Location Services.

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