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Educational environments such as nurseries, schools, universities and colleges have specific needs when it comes to their telecoms.

Within educational environments, telecoms systems need to be designed in a way that promotes effective communication in order to enhance the student experience, promote better relationships with parents and empower staff. All this with constant funding cuts shrinking available budgets.

At Channel Comms, we have vast experience working within the education sector, with bespoke products and services available that are designed to address the challenges faced by the industry.

Telecoms Challenges Faced By Education Sector

Budget Restraints

Like many sectors that rely on Government funding, schools have seen significant cutbacks in the amount of funding they receive, resulting in reliance on outdated phone systems that cost significant amounts to maintain.

At Channel Comms, we work to any budget to provide a solution that works for you. Utilising the latest technology such as SIP Trunks, we can help reduce telephony costs by up to 40% in comparison to ISDN lines. As well as the immediate savings made with a phone system upgrade, we’ll ensure you get the best deal on your lines and call rates.

Teachers Can Be Difficult to get Hold Of

Schools, universities and colleges are broken up into different departments across several different buildings located on and sometimes off campus, making face to face communication more difficult.

Couple this with the fact that many teachers rely on their own mobile phones for communication and it’s easy to see how it can become difficult for pupils, other members of staff and parents to get hold of teachers when they need them.

At Channel Comms, our modern telephone systems specialised for the education sector can be equipped with virtual extensions and virtual pigeon holes, making getting hold of members of staff significantly easier. Where appropriate, we can also provide business mobiles with tariffs and support packages that suit you.


In schools and nurseries, proper safeguarding is essential to ensure a safe and enriching environment for children.

Call recording is a necessary step towards ensuring children are safe in the environment they learn in – giving you access to every inbound and outbound call relating to the child which will aid in resolving disputes and addressing concerns around safeguarding. Additionally, call recording can be used to tackle absenteeism.

Lack of Admin Staff

Schools and universities are often reliant on a small number of reception staff who are responsible for taking calls. When calls are missed it can create a bad impression, which is particularly damaging if it’s a prospective student or a worried parent who is ringing.

At Channel Comms, our telephone systems can be equipped with a number of features to ensure a call is never missed:

  • Auto Attendant.
  • Call recording.
  • Call logging.
  • Call forwarding.
  • Call queuing.

Case Study – Lord Williams’s School

Lord William’s school is a popular comprehensive school in Thame split across two sites, the school has over 2,000 pupils ages 11 to 18 and employs 340 members of staff. Being reliant on a 10-year-old phone system, the school were incurring maintenance costs of up to £7,000 per year.

Following an initial site visit, we migrated the school over to VoIP infrastructure, installing a new communication server and digital phones and switching them over to a new call plan which alone saves them £3,000 a year in call charges. Read the full case study here.

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Simplify Your Telecoms

At Channel Comms, we recognise the unique challenges faced by the education sector, to provide a bespoke service to match. To find out more about how we can simplify your telephone requirements and save you money, call us free today on 0800 856 6900.